deutz 1013
deutz 1013

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These are the characteristics of the 1013:

  • Modern water-cooled 4- and 6-cylinder in-line engines.
  • Three separate mounting options for gear-driven hydraulic pumps.
  • Easily accessible service points on one engine side.
  • Exchangeable cylinder liners in cooling water flow.
  • Displacement 1.2 liters per cylinder. Compact design, high power-to-volume-ratio.
  • Turbocharging with charge air cooling, integrated engine cooling package optional.
  • Integrated high-pressure fuel injection system with single injection pumps.
  • Electronic engine governor with diagnostic facilities with CAN-Bus optional.

Your benefits:

  • Modular series platform for wide range of applications.
  • Low cost for noise insulation measures. High comfort in driver’s cabin.
  • Low fuel consumption and maintenance costs, long service life.
  • Meets exhaust regulation EU-RL 97/68 (step 2) and US-EPA Nonroad
  • (Tier 2).
  • High reliability even under extreme working conditions.
  • Compact installation of engines with integrated cooling system
  • without customizing of engine cooling package.

Engine description

Type of cooling: Liquid cooling, thermostatically controlled, charge-air-cooled engines with air-to-air charge air cooler

Crankcase: High grey cast iron crankcase, for monobloc construction

Crankcase breather: Closed-circuit crankcase breather

Cylinder head: Grey cast iron block-type cylinder head

Valve arrangement/timing: One inlet and one exhaust valve per cylinder, actuated via

tappets, push rods and rocker arms, camshaft driven by geartrain

Piston: Three-ring piston, two compression rings and one oil scraper ring

Piston cooling: Oil cooled with spray nozzles (channel-cooled piston)

Connecting rod: Forged steel rod

Crankshaft bearings: Tri-metal plain bearings

Crankshaft: With integral counterweights

Camshaft: Forged steel shaft

Lubrication system: Forced-feed circulation lubrication with gear pump

Lube oil cooler: Oil cooler integrated in coolant circuit

Lube oil filter: Paper-type microfilter as replaceable-cartridge full flow filter

Injection pump/governor: Single injection pumps for each cylinder integrated in crankcase

Mechanical centrifugal governor (standard); electronic governor (EMR) optional

Fuel lift pump: Integrated in belt drive

Injection nozzle: Six-hole nozzle

Fuel filter: Replaceable cartridge

Alternator: Three-phase alternator 12 V or 24 V

Starter motor: 12 V or 24 V

Heating system: Optional connection for cab heating to engine cooling circuit