Brunner and Lay

"Quality First" since 1882

In 2012, Brunner & Lay, Inc. celebrated one hundred and thirty years of continuous operations under the ownership and control of the founding family.

Brunner & Lay products are divided into three major categories:

  • Tools used for demolition or cutting of concrete and stone.
  • Drill steels and carbide tipped bits which are used to drill blast holes in quarries, mines, and construction projects.
  • Tools used by the general construction trade.

It is with great pride that Brunner & Lay organization can point to the many wonderful highways, dams, airfields, mines & quarries, and national monuments it has shaped. The include but are not limited to Mt. Rushmore, Hoover Dam, The Eisehower Tunnel in Colorado, and Olympic venues worldwide.

Brunner & Lay is confident that its products will contribute to worldwide health, growth, and prosperity far into the future.

Productos Brunner