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Montabert HC-50 Drifter

Montabert HC-50 Drifter
Montabert HC-50 Drifter

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The Montabert HC-50 drifter is ideal for small headings and is designed mainly for bolting and face drilling. The HC-50 features a 45 to 76 mm (1 3/4 to 3 in.) hole range with an impact rate of 3750 BPM. The HC-50 is standard on all our Joy hydraulic jumbo drills.

Montabert drifters are well-known in the industry for the following:

  • Longest maintenance intervals
  • Lowest maintenance costs 
  • Lowest consumable cost
  • Faster drilling speeds
  • Highest penetration rates
  • Lowest noise level and vibrations
  • Easiest to operate

Our Montabert drifters leverage our deep knowledge of shock wave transmission and percussion mechanism theory to incorporate innovative technologies, such as progressive blow energy and hydraulic dampening.

Progressive blow energy

The unique design of the HC-50 piston generates a perfect, long shock wave in a trapezoidal shape, which provides:

  • Better transmission of energy at the couplings
  • Minimum stress into the drilling rods
  • Better bit penetration

Hydraulic dampening systems

The dampening piston not only absorbs any lost reflected energy, but also creates a constant thrust onto the tools. This ensures:

  • Optimum shock wave transmission
  • Drifter and tools protection
  • Reduced vibrations

Energy recovery valve

The energy recovery valve uses piston rebound energy for the next blow, providing:

  • Better efficiency
  • No internal peak of pressure source at cavitation
  • Best drifter protection
Maximum strike flow 105 l/mn 28 GPM
Maximum strike pressure 130 bar 1886 PSI
Maximum strike frequency with E piston 62 Hz 3700 BPM
Energy per blow 210 J 155 ft-lb
Maximum rotation pressure 150 bar 2177 PSI
Rotation flow motor 043 (bit diameter < 76 mm) 30 l/mn 8 GPM
Maximum rotation speed motor 043 210 t/mn 210 RPM
Maximum rotation torque motor 043 325 Nm  239 ft-lb
Rotation flow motor 055 (bit diameter < 89 mm) 35 l/mn 9 GPM
Maximum rotation speed motor 055 195 t/mn 195 RPM 
Maximum rotation torque motor 055 415 Nm 306 ft-lb
Drain flow approximately 4 l/mn 1 GPM
Water flushing pressure 8-10 bar 116-145 PSI
Water flushing flow 25 l/mn 7 GPM
Air flushing pressure 7-8 bar 102-116 PSI
Air flushing flow 5 m3/mn 179 CFM
Front guide lubrication pressure 3 bar 44 PSI
Front guide lubrication air flow 300 l/mn 79 GPM
Front guide lubrication oil 6 drops/mn 6 drops/mn
Weight 102 daN 225 lb.
Rod diameter 32-38 mm 1 1/4 - 1 1/2 in
Maximum recommended feed force 1200 daN 2700 lbf
Accumulator nitrogen pressure HP 35 bar 508 PSI
Accumulator nitrogen pressure LP 4 bar 58 PSI
Oil viscosity
ISO VG 32 / ISO VG 46 cSt ISO VG 32 / ISO VG 46 cS
Oil temperature 40 to 60º C 104 to 140º F
Air and water flushing temperature 5 to 40º C

41 to 104º F