Joy Global Hard Rock

About Joy Global

Joy Global Inc. is a worldwide leader in high-productivity mining solutions. Through our market-leading surface and underground business segments, we manufacture and market equipment and services for the mining industry.

Our products and related services are used extensively for the mining of energy, industrial, and hard rock minerals.

We pride ourselves on providing a full range of value-added post-sale services and are committed to helping you mine ores and minerals at the lowest possible cost. We use a Life Cycle Management approach, which places the highest value on continuous and exceptional customer support.

To assist you wherever your operations are located, our service centers span six continents and more than twenty countries.

Our Products

Joy Global has an extensive product suite of hard rock equipment, including hydraulic jumbo drills, in-the-hole production drills, loaders, and trucks.
Our full line of heavy duty development and production drilling jumbos for mining and tunneling use Montabert HC series drifters and Intelsense drilling controls; our Joy NV-1, Vein Runner II, Drift Runner, and Ramp Runner drills continue to lead the industry in reliability and performance. Our extensive line of loaders, with a wide variety of rated load capacities, is ideal for narrow vein applications. And our trucks are designed for ground-level maintenance with no climbing.

In addition, we offer a full line of raiseboring tools and blasthole drilling tools.

Services we offer

  • Sale of new equipment
  • Reconstruction workshop
  • Parts
  • Specialized Service